Packaging Designer…

Ok, so it looks like this is going to be my first post, which feels weird. I am starting right in the middle of my life. I am feeling like it should all start at the very beginning. Like I should talk about how I got here. My history, what school I went to, how event planning turned into invitation design, that turned into greeting cards and blah blah blah. But that would be boring and I guess you have to start somewhere. These greeting card bands just happen to be the project I am working on today/this week. If I had figured out how to use this blog last week, I might have had more exciting event planning stuff going on, but oh well.

Hmmm… Maybe I will start with the things I would like to be when I “grow up”.

This is a list I put together and it is in no particular order…

event planner
travel writer
owner of a bakery or restaurant, or baker
bar owner
textile designer
Martha Stewart
newspaper columnist
lounge singer
American Idol host
pilates instructor
graphic designer
letterpress printer
packaging designer

I think I’d have to live at least 10-15 lives to really do all the things I would love to do. But I guess I am happy dabbling in some of these things as much as I can. I am an event planner and that really lets me do a lot of the other things on my list.

Also, I have been designing Russian and/or Orthodox greeting cards for the past couple of years. I just recently turned to printing on a letterpress printer. (That is material for a whole slew of posts at a different time) Mainly I have been printing Easter and Christmas cards. I could never find a Russian Easter/Christmas or Namesday card that reflected a more updated style, so I figured I should just start making them. It’s been an organic process, evolving as each season comes around. Although, one thing that keeps changing, that shouldn’t, is how I package my cards. Each season is different, but I really want to get it consistent and recognizable.

One of the problems is that as much as I like to design invitations and greeting cards, I like to design how these things are packaged. (I happen to believe that good packaging sells the item) So much so, that I am afraid I sometimes lose my focus. Am I designing greeting cards or packaging? I noticed a similar thing when I started my event planning company. I would get lost in the “creating a business” part. Creating a logo, creating a website and creating an over all identity. I sometimes wondered if I enjoyed that process more than the actual business itself. Not so… but I guess it is part of the passion for design. There are so many avenues to get creative, it’s easy to get sidetracked.


I have been working on packaging ideas for my cards for quite some time. It seems to change every season, but, like I said, I have been trying to find something consistent. I am really excited about these bands… although I can’t decide between the bolder flower border or the smaller/softer border.  Also,  I am still debating whether to use boxes or clear bags in which to keep them. I have ordered samples of both and hopefully they will be coming in the mail today or tomorrow.

I am sure it will evolve as time goes on, but I am really trying to pick something and stick with it. I have done ribbons and wrapped the cards with tracing paper. (I love(d) the look of tracing paper for some reason) I was also trying to do something with glassine paper, but that just wasn’t working.

So let’s hope that these new bands stick!


2 Comments to “Packaging Designer…”

  1. Wow. We are so alike it kinda scares me. Everything in your post is exactly how I feel! Just thought I’d let you know, haha. Keep up the good work, you do amazing things! 🙂

  2. More flower, more flour……

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