Love Triangle

We’ve been at home in New Jersey visiting and renewing visas, hence my small break in posts. Not that I was super on top of it to begin with! 🙂

Anyway…we head back to Moscow tomorrow making today a full day of cleaning, packing and prepping. When I was leaving Moscow to come here, I have to admit I was a little sad. I somehow wasn’t ready to leave this place that was starting to feel like home to me. I love so many things about our life in Moscow and despite the mostly freezing weather I have been very happy there. Experiencing so many churches, making friends and slowly getting better with our Russian language. And despite the fact that he has to work a lot and I know he is stressed, seeing my husband proud of his project and so dedicated to his work in itself is worth being in Russia.

So somehow, although we had been traveling back and forth, this time, after two months in Moscow, it was much harder to leave. Even if for just a quick ten days. I got all lame and weepy saying goodbye to my fellow volunteers. I lingered in every room of the apartment until I wasted most of my packing time (kind of like I am avoiding packing now 🙂 ). It’s silly because I knew we would be back very soon, but I think deep down I was afraid that I would remember I also love home. Ten days is enough for me to miss everything that is back in the States. Not that I didn’t before, but I am used to being away from home and I have gotten better at kind of pushing aside those feelings. Bring me back, and all the emotion floods right back into me.

I went to New York City last week to take care of some errands. And it went right for my heart strings. I was uptown, midtown and almost all the way downtown in one quick day and it was dangerous. Emotionally dangerous, that is. Walking around I could literally feel in my chest how much I adore this place. I wanted to hug it. But I’m too cool for that, ahem. Maybe it was the sunshine. Hadn’t seen that for a while 🙂

My mom also came to visit and that made me miss Burlingame and San Francisco in California. What amazing places. I was so happy to see her face, and not through a computer screen via skype. We actually chatted about how awful it is when you are attached and happy in more than one place. For about 7 1/2 years it’s been two for me – West Coast (the Northern California part) where I am from, and East Coast where I went to school and married into. Well, now I have a third. Moscow. It’s a blessing, I know. I am so fortunate – so much love across so many big places. But it’s tough too – so much love across so many big places.

I am happy that we got to see a lot of our closest friends and family. I didn’t realize how much I needed a great gab fest with old girlfriends and I got one. And it was perfect. And I got to use my new food processor for a dinner party meal which I will make sure to blog about soon! I have some catch up to do with some back logged posts, but I will end this one here.

We say goodbye to New Jersey & New York tomorrow, with a little wave in the direction of California. See you in approximately three months…try to go easy on me.

I’m looking forward to our continued adventures in the land of our roots.


3 Comments to “Love Triangle”

  1. On the bright side, it’s so much easier to travel back and forth and keep in touch in general in our modern age.
    Can you imagine what it must have been like back in the day when people were traveling on boats and letters took months to arrive.

  2. You really yanked at my heart strings with this one…………

  3. So true, Annie! I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been then. We’re lucky now with facebook, skype, email, etc etc!

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