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December 7, 2012

Goodbye Moscow

My last days in Moscow (for a while at least) have been pretty awesome (despite getting pushed on a metro and witnessing the flight of a really gross snot rocket). One of those “coming full circle” kind of feelings. I said goodbye to some of the closer friends that I’ve made, venerated relics of Saints, was fed by super nice nuns (who also had their driver give me a ride home because I was pregnant and had to carry stuff), ran in to Lydia while chatting with said nuns and got to say goodbye, ate most of the things that I will miss, saw an interesting exhibit about the New Martyrs of Russia, and brought another successful baked good to the volunteers…a lenten one that I kind of made up:

I rolled out store bought lenten pastry dough, spread a mixture of melted margarine, sugar, and apple pie spices on it, then added tiny diced apple pieces (that also had some of the spice on them) and rolled it up. I cut the roll into slices and baked them until they looked done. I also wrapped some up like a little croissant, but the big roll thing was easier. They were a little messy, but good! I’m just glad the last thing I brought wasn’t a total disaster.

THINGS I WILL NOT MISS  (in no particular order)

Snot rockets

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight” on constant loop at Merei

Russian TV (except the religious channels, Voronini (Russia’s remake of Everybody Loves Raymond) and Kontrolnaya Zakupka)

The stink eye for not having small change

The super icy sidewalks

Smokey streets and restaurants

Trying to say English words in a Russian accent – does. not. work.

The guys from the tatoo place and the Erotic Museum trying to hand me flyers all day, every day

5000 rouble bills

THINGS I WILL MISS (in no particular order)

Baklava from Merei (grocery store on Noviy Arbat)…possibly the best!

Nostalgia brand sirok

Borcht from Shtolle, Anderson Cafe and Taras Boulba

My darling volunteer group

The birch trees – during each season

Packed churches

Sretsensky church bookstore and Sofrino (make that most church bookstores)

Friends that I saw, old and new

The regular bookstore near our apartment on Noviy Arbat with the best children’s section

Pickles, cheremsha

Soyuz Orthodox TV channel

Blini in the parks during Maslenitsa

Hachapuri from JonJoli


It’s not goodbye forever. But for a big chunk of time. I am so ready to go home, but little pieces of my heart are spread across the city of Moscow. Hopefully someday soon we will come back and collect them with the baby.